Latin American Solidarity

My life – both personally and politically – has been profoundly shaped by living and working in Latin America – from Guatemala and Peru in the 1970s to Nicaragua in the 1980s and Mexico in the past three decades. Thus, much of my artistic, academic, and activist work has been connected to struggles in Latin America or in collaboration with Latin American popular educators and community artists.

Resources and publications

Photo Exhibits:

Woman as Migrant
Attacking the Corporate Tomato: Turning Globalization on its Head
Cross-Pollinations: Photography and Social Change in the Americas
From Sparks to Fire: A Community Art Retrospective
⇓ Milagros for Migrants:

Photo Stories:

⇓ An Intimate Connection


⇓ Education and Social Change: A Photographic Study of Peru
⇓ Women Working the NAFTA Food Chain: Women, Food and Globalization
⇓ Tangled Routes: Women, Work and Globalization on the Tomato Trail
⇓ VIVA! Community Arts and Popular Education in the Americas


⇓ Rooted in Place, Politics, Passion, and Praxis: Decolonization, Popular Education, Community Arts, and Participatory Action Research
⇓ Remapping the Americas: A Transnational Engagement with Creative Tensions of Community Arts
⇓ Decolonizing Art, Education and Research in the VIVA Project
⇓ Whose Nicaragua: Popular Education Across Eras, Regions and Generations
⇓ Playing with Fire: Art as Activism
⇓ Whose ‘Choice’? ‘Flexible’ Women Workers in the Tomato Food Chain
⇓ Fruits of Injustice: Women in the Post-NAFTA Food System
⇓ Zooming out/Zooming In: Visualizing Globalization
⇓ Tracing the Trail of Tomasita the Tomato