When I completed my PhD in 1978 on the popular education methodology of Brazilian educator Paulo Freire, I chose not to pursue an academic career, because I wanted to “do” popular education rather than just “study” it. Over the next 15 years, I did in fact practice popular education, immersing myself in social movements in the U.S., Canada, and Latin America. Throughout that time, however, I taught part-time at Concordia University’s Applied Social Science Department, OISE’s Adult Education Department, and the University of Toronto’s Sociology Department. When I took up a full-time position at York University in 1993, I was able to integrate my practice and theory in the Faculty of Environmental Studies, which honoured praxis-learning, community engagement and arts-based research.

My academic work comprises my teaching and research, presentations and publications. The six subsections include books, chapters and articles, courses, programs, conference presentations, and a York University Library archive housing much of my research and teaching material from the past 25 years.