Indigenous Allyship

Since undertaking graduate research on the time conceptions of Guatemalan Indigenous peasants in the 1960s, I have had many opportunities to learn from Indigenous peoples in the Americas. They have taught me and continue to teach me about the impact of colonization and cultural genocide, and to consider my responsibility as a settler to learn about the dark history as well as holistic world views that offer a way forward for all of us.

I have taken it as a personal challenge to educate myself with the books, films and other artistic practices of resurgent Indigenous communities. I want to share with other settlers strategies of how we learn to be allies or accomplices in current Indigenous struggles for land, resources, self-government, cultural and spiritual practices.

See Readings for Settlers on Indigenous Peoples

Resources and publications

Photo Exhibits:

⇓ Cross-Pollinations: Photography and Social Change in the Americas
⇓ Woman as Migrant

Photo Stories:

⇓ Mother Earth


⇓ Rooted in Place, Politics, Passion and Praxis: Decolonization, Popular Education, Community Arts, and Participatory Action Research
⇓ Remapping the Americas: A Transnational Engagement with Creative Tensions of Community Arts
⇓ The Long Road to Listuguj
⇓ Decolonizing Art, Education and Research in the VIVA Project
⇓ Reframing Internationalization in a (Post) Colonial and Diasporic Context: Two Initiatives at York University
⇓ Revisiting the Boats and the Canoes: Popular Education around the 500 Years